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Symi: the end of Spring

A wet winter and a cool spring made for an even more than usually vivid display of colour and life on Symi, the island reputed to be the hottest and driest in Greece.  In the summer months it is bleached … Continue reading

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A New Year, portents, traditions and looking forward

I’ve never been impressed by the hype of the ‘New Year’, never regarded it as a portent or a time to make ephemeral resolutions to change bad habits, never felt the urge to stand around with arms crossed, holding hands … Continue reading

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November Daily Blog 12: climate change and Blue House thinking.

There is nolonger any doubt that world climates are changing.  What is disputed is the extent to which the change is simply part of a natural cycle and the extent to which it is man-made.  I have no doubt whatever … Continue reading

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November Daily Blog 11: sky, clouds, mountains.

It was the end of the afternoon before I went out for a walk on Sunday.  I had waved the family off, leaving after a late lunch, been sidetracked by having a chat with neighbours taking advantage of sunshine to … Continue reading

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November Daily Blog 10: trees, storm clouds, autumn colours.

Saturday was a day with the family.  After grey skies and morning rain the sun came out and so did we, taking the grandchildren to Bailey Park in Abergavenny.  The older two, aged 6 and 4, each had cameras and … Continue reading

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November Daily Blog 4: back to gloomy grey and the problems of weather forecasting.

The weather in Britain is highly unpredictable.  Low pressure systems coming in from the Atlantic at some point run up against the high pressure systems over Europe and where and how they do is subject to a whole host of … Continue reading

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November Daily Blog: towards a philosophy of enjoyment.

With the challenge to find something worth blogging about every day it was disconcerting to see Friday begin very grey, very wet and with a mountain of clearing up after having friends over for a meal on Thursday evening.  I’m … Continue reading

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