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Taking a trip up to Abergavenny

Mention walking to Abergavenny, or just pass a road sign, and it is amazing how many people burst out with the opening line of the song by Marty Wilde in 1968, the latest in a small genre of funky location-specific … Continue reading

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The tyranny of buying presents … but things are brightening up

Let’s be brutally honest.  Buying presents isn’t a chore, it’s a nightmare, a tyranny which has us enslaved.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t want to give presents, I actually enjoy giving things which people will enjoy … Continue reading

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Health, fitness and Welsh Poo Sticks

I’ve been thinking about health and fitness recently.  I long ago concluded that if every time I had some minor ache or pain I stopped exercising I would soon end up doing very little.  Instead I adjust what I do … Continue reading

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An Extra Day; a trip to Cardiff and The Big Leap Year Swindle

Wednesday 29 February and I decided to spend The Extra Day doing something different.  Shame to waste a freebie just doing ordinary stuff.  I arranged to meet up with friends in Cardiff and it turned out to be a great … Continue reading

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