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Greece by bus

After years of hopping around the Greek islands I decided in 2012 that it was time to take a look at the mainland.   By bus. Interest sparked by reading ‘The Mani’ by WW2 hero Patrick Leigh Fermor, made the wild, … Continue reading

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Rambling through 2012, a year in pictures: Part 2, Greece

The task of selecting a bakers’ dozen of images from the hundreds I took in Greece this summer was more daunting than choosing those for Wales.  This is partly because many of the places I went were new to me … Continue reading

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Looking back, looking forward: time warping

After two weeks of proper summer the weather has reverted back to grey and wet …. at times very wet. My efforts to get the garden back under control are now slotted-in between showers, waiting for the ground and foliage … Continue reading

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Down to earth with a squelch, naked garlic, blue sky thinking

Arrival back in the UK from Athens was not as unpleasant as the avuncular pilot predicted at takeoff.  Rather than raining and 14oC, the weather in Manchester was about 18oC, dry with sunny intervals and there was a modest amount … Continue reading

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Leaving Athens: the end of the trip

I woke up ahead of my alarm going off on Friday with one  of those crystal-clear wakenings which renders the ‘snooze’ button pointless. Written large in the early-morning grogginess was the inescapable message “Going home today”.  That stark message meant … Continue reading

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Meteora: more monasteries, more rocks, more perspectives

The weather forecasts for Meteora on Tuesday had all agreed that it would be grey and wet.  Local opinion also agreed.  As if to thumb the nose at the experts, it wasn’t.  It started off bright and then clouded over … Continue reading

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Meteora: on the rocks

Monday dawned, and continued, very grey.  There are a number of weather forecasts for this part of the world and they are usually different.  None can be relied on.  The one thing that forecasts and locals are agreed on at … Continue reading

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