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Rambling through the grey and rising above it …… occasionally

I’ve written before on the psychology of time, about which I read initially in Thomas Mann’s book ‘The Magic Mountain’ when I was in the 6th form and more recently in Claudia Hammond’s ‘Time Warped’, published 2012, exactly 100 years … Continue reading

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Rising above the grey

Rather than ushering in the Mediterranean to the UK, climate change is bringing increasing greyness interspersed with ‘extreme weather events’.  Gradual descent into winter in November used to be marked by a week of hard frosts, sometimes with temperatures lower … Continue reading

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Pontypool, South Wales:  ‘The Beast from the East’ meets Storm Emma

It doesn’t often happen but when it does it’s dramatic.  And fun. In winter, cold weather comes to the UK from the continental land mass.  It’s a cliché but nonetheless has an element of truth, that the Welsh Mountains are … Continue reading

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From Wales to Greece: Greek Island Walks

Preparing to return to Greece has been taking precedence over escaping into the mountains recently.  A spell of dry weather meant most of my time has been in the garden clearing, cutting back, pruning, planting, sowing, but that was brought … Continue reading

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I was attacked by an airport: an unexpectedly wild walk

I did nothing to antagonise it.  Malevolence on its part is the only explanation.  That or ‘smart’ technology out of control.  Which is even more frightening. I was on my home from Greece in the latter part of October.  I … Continue reading

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Autumn gold in Old South Wales

You can’t live life looking to the past.  After a few weeks under grey skies reminding myself of Symi summer sun it’s time to focus on the present and look to the future. The turning point was when yet another … Continue reading

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Symi: back to a waterhole in the desert

During the summer on Symi and the other islands I visited, I went walking in the mountains every day.  Since I have been home I have been out very little even though I live at the edge of the Brecon … Continue reading

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Spring in Wales and Greece

Sunday afternoon, 23 March and the sun was shining.  The sun has only put in the occasional appearance recently.  Heavy showers in the morning had cleared and blue sky beckoned.  One of the great benefits of living at the edge … Continue reading

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Spring is sprung, the grass is riz ……!

The well-known poem*, often attributed to New York prolific writer of comic verse Ogden Nash but made famous, in the UK at least, by Spike Milligan when he wasn’t walking backwards to Christmas, reflects the lightness of mood when the … Continue reading

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New Year’s Day: Just a walking in the rain ………….

Wednesday was the wettest day of the year.  Admittedly it was the first day of the year so not a lot to compare it with but if many of the remaining 364 days match up to the amount of rainfall … Continue reading

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