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Images of an early winter

I said in my last post that Autumn was accelerating towards Winter.  Little did I realise the speed of the transition.  Woke up Friday morning to hard frost but clear blue sky with just a few lenticular clouds acting like a prism … Continue reading

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Acceleration, speed, time

I learned soon after I began paragliding that the body feels acceleration but not speed.  Fly into a good thermal and there is a sudden upsurge as your body goes up and your stomach seems to lags behind.  An intake … Continue reading

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Room at the top but none on the bus

The attic is now cleared.  I never thought I would be able to say that.  So I’ll say it again.  The attic is now cleared. Unfortunately there were no Chinese vases. The small amount which remains is largely sentimental stuff … Continue reading

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Incentives and distractions (2)

Having got the bit between my teeth with the loft-clearance I knuckled down to it for the rest of the week (I do love mixed metaphors) and by the end of Friday had about 90% finished.  And I had bought … Continue reading

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Chocolate teapots

Having spent part of Monday and a good part of a cold and wet Tuesday sorting out the loft to be able to tackle the problem of catching the mouse I was well pleased when I got back from my … Continue reading

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Incentives and distractions

Monday morning I woke up at 06.00, 50 minutes before my alarm was set to go off.  I was unusually alert and focused ……… on the sound of a mouse in the roofspace above the bedroom.  It wasn’t moving about … Continue reading

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Positive temporal discontinuity

As noted at the end of the latest post, after trying to get hold of a replacement keyboard for my Asus netbook for more than 2 months, thinking on several occasions that I was on the verge of success, finally … Continue reading

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Rift in the space/time continuum

I have been a fan of Dr Who since the first series when the entire hall of residence which I was in at University gathered in the Television Room every Saturday evening (yes, we had one television for the entire … Continue reading

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