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Coping with Christmas: a season of neon lights and frustration

Christmas is not my favourite time of year, particularly now I have to deal with the whole card and presents stuff on my own.  But I try.  Admittedly I defer doing things as long as I can but then I … Continue reading

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Familiarity breeds selective cognition: trying to see what’s under your nose.

For a few days last week I was doing the ‘school run’ for my two older grandchildren.  This entailed collecting them and driving them to school for 09.05, picking the younger one up at 11.35 and the older one at … Continue reading

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Laws of physics, a Pontypool garden and an ancient Nisyros fortress

With the continuing mild weather, reckoned to be at least 5oC higher than the expected temperatures at this stage in November, I’ve been slaving away in the garden.  I have put off the decorating yet again and have been renovating … Continue reading

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Failing to find The Answer and seeing red in Stockport

I’ve been up in Stockport for a few days, taking advantage of the Aviva Trains ‘Club 55’ deal which, with the addition of a Senior Rail Card, means that anyone over 55 can travel anywhere on the network for £16. … Continue reading

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Images of Autumn in the garden

The unexpectedly warm Autumn weather continues, a few days dry with a decent amount of sunshine, other days showery with the occasional sunny interval.  The effect in the garden, like in the Park and on the mountain, has been colourful … Continue reading

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