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Kalymnos: peace and tranquillity at the end of summer

I finished my summer in Greece  with a short stay on Kalymnos.  Its population of 16,000, making it the third most populous island in the Dodecanese group after Rhodes and Kos, is considerably increased in the summer by tourists.   However, … Continue reading

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Trek tech: technology and mountain walking

I’m no techno-geek but nor am I a Luddite. Decades ago in the office where I worked, I was one of the first to embrace word processing, the first below director level to have a corporate e-mail address and correspond … Continue reading

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Sustainability, heritage …. nuclear power

A fundamental principle of the concept of sustainability is that we should not leave problems for future generations to inherit, not make the world a worse place to live.  But in some ways that is not always a clear issue. … Continue reading

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Positive temporal discontinuity

As noted at the end of the latest post, after trying to get hold of a replacement keyboard for my Asus netbook for more than 2 months, thinking on several occasions that I was on the verge of success, finally … Continue reading

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Rift in the space/time continuum

I have been a fan of Dr Who since the first series when the entire hall of residence which I was in at University gathered in the Television Room every Saturday evening (yes, we had one television for the entire … Continue reading

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Taking a cold bath

I thought about calling this blog ‘Grumpy Old Barry’ but decided I didn’t want to be associated with a negative image.  And I didn’t like the acronym.  However, there are some things which deserve to be complained about. Take the … Continue reading

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