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Canadian Rockies: Climate change

I haven’t been coming to the Canadian Rockies long enough to know what the norm is in terms of weather.  So this is a snapshot looking back 5 years. In the UK we have ‘weather’, pressure systems blown in in … Continue reading

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Canadian Rockies: Christmas on the piste

I’ve been in the Canadian Rockies now for a week, skiing and doing the odd bit of walking.  There couldn’t be a much greater contrast with summer in the Greek islands.  But, after heavy overnight snowfall on the mountain, early … Continue reading

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I was attacked by an airport: an unexpectedly wild walk

I did nothing to antagonise it.  Malevolence on its part is the only explanation.  That or ‘smart’ technology out of control.  Which is even more frightening. I was on my home from Greece in the latter part of October.  I … Continue reading

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Autumn gold in Old South Wales

You can’t live life looking to the past.  After a few weeks under grey skies reminding myself of Symi summer sun it’s time to focus on the present and look to the future. The turning point was when yet another … Continue reading

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