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I was attacked by an airport: an unexpectedly wild walk

I did nothing to antagonise it.  Malevolence on its part is the only explanation.  That or ‘smart’ technology out of control.  Which is even more frightening. I was on my home from Greece in the latter part of October.  I … Continue reading

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Winter colour

As forecast and commented in this blog, winter has finally arrived in South Wales (that’s Old South Wales, not the state in Australia where it’s now coming into summer).  Temperatures over the last two nights have dropped below zero.  Not … Continue reading

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November Daily Blog 11: sky, clouds, mountains.

It was the end of the afternoon before I went out for a walk on Sunday.  I had waved the family off, leaving after a late lunch, been sidetracked by having a chat with neighbours taking advantage of sunshine to … Continue reading

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November Daily Blog 10: trees, storm clouds, autumn colours.

Saturday was a day with the family.  After grey skies and morning rain the sun came out and so did we, taking the grandchildren to Bailey Park in Abergavenny.  The older two, aged 6 and 4, each had cameras and … Continue reading

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