November Daily Blog 10: trees, storm clouds, autumn colours.

Saturday was a day with the family.  After grey skies and morning rain the sun came out and so did we, taking the grandchildren to Bailey Park in Abergavenny.  The older two, aged 6 and 4, each had cameras and had great fun recording the day.  They focused on people whereas my inclination is to photograph places.

The late afternoon sun intensified the bright autumn colours of the trees around the edge of the park while the sun, having dipping below the level of the surrounding mountains, set the briefly troublesome rain cloud on fire.

Leaves, on the trees and on the ground, provide a tapestry of autumn colours.  Brown …..

…. yellow….

…. and gold …..

… while passing rain clouds are set on fire ….

…… and the last remnants play between the posts


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