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Welsh Winter Walking: Forward planning and contingencies

Sometimes things just don’t turn out as planned.  Wednesday I had a day free of commitments so planned to take a bus up to the watershed between two of the South Wales valleys and walk back home via a couple … Continue reading

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Spring surprise

After dismal weather since I got back from Canada my plans for summer travels in Greece are starting to take shape.  Flights booked and looking forward to Easter on Kalymnos, then another trip by bus and train from Athens around … Continue reading

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Sport, politics, history: when the underdog gets revenge

I don’t watch sport of any kind either on TV or in the flesh.  For a start I found that I was getting too-uptight but more importantly I decided a long time ago that I preferred to be doing something … Continue reading

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Thirty minutes on top of a mountain: a duvet day

The day started very grey and minus 2oC so I did the ball-achingly boring chores which are repetitively necessary in the house – cleaning the loo, clearing the detritus in the kitchen, hoovering the hall ……  But not for long.  … Continue reading

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Grey Britain, Canada, Greece: a philosophy of travel

It is widely believed that in the UK when the weather is dominated by high pressure the sky is blue and the sun shines, luxuriatingly hot in the summer, icy cold and exhilarating in winter.  It can be but is … Continue reading

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