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Wales, Brecon Beacons National Park: spring into winter

I promised more images of winter before spring eventually arrives and I headed for Greece.  My intention had been to post more photos of snow in the Canadian Rockies but once again plans were changed by events. The real effect … Continue reading

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Symi: the island in colour

Most visitors to Symi come in the summer months. During the day they lie sweating in the sun coated in Factor 50 and then, showered and perfumed, in the evening sashay to the taverna or restaurant of choice.  And have … Continue reading

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From Grey Britain to Greek sunshine: looking forward

Into March now, in theory the beginning of spring.  Despite the occasional day of sunshine it’s still mostly grey, wet and cold. Not much sign of the weather warming up significantly but my focus has shifted. I’ve reluctantly turned my … Continue reading

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Symi: walking through Spring colour

I have done a whole series of walks since I arrived on Symi more than two weeks ago.  Some have been just a couple of hours and 3 or 4 miles, others longer.  Most of them are through areas I … Continue reading

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Spring is sprung, the grass is riz ……!

The well-known poem*, often attributed to New York prolific writer of comic verse Ogden Nash but made famous, in the UK at least, by Spike Milligan when he wasn’t walking backwards to Christmas, reflects the lightness of mood when the … Continue reading

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A Welsh Spring and clichés of violence

Back in Wales and spring has at last arrived.  Before I left Arctic blasts whipped across the tops of the mountain ridges dumping snow and lowering temperatures so that buds stayed tight shut long past their usual seasonal opening time. … Continue reading

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Welsh Winter Walking: effects of Spring deferred

With overnight temperature yet again down to minus 4oC and afternoon highs still well short of double figures, the last day of March, Easter Sunday and, coincidentally, the first day of British Summer Time saw no real signs of Spring … Continue reading

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