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Greece 2011: from Rhodes to Kalymnos … to the top of the world and a couple of hours at The Palace

Long time since the last blog.  I hope that no-one was getting withdrawal symptoms, though the length of this one will doubtless make up for it.  Either that or serve as aversion therapy. The problem is that broadband hasn’t reached … Continue reading

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Greece 2011: arrived to do my bit for the Greek economy

In the event take-off from Manchester Airport was only delayed by 50 minutes.  After a very pleasant amble in the sunshine along the river into Stockport to do last minute shopping in the morning it started to rain as we … Continue reading

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Greece 2011: last stages of preparation

I’m on the brink of my second escape to the sun. It might sound daft and unappreciative but because I am going away for ‘only’ 3 weeks I have found it very difficult to take the preparations and the packing … Continue reading

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Leaving Grey Britain and the looting: Countdown to Greece re-visited 2011

Britain continues to be grey.  The sun puts in the occasional and unreliable appearance.  The weather prospects change as each new bunch of forecasters comes on shift.  Forecasts of a warm, sunny weekend ahead give way to ‘cool with showers’ … Continue reading

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Art and about in Grey Britain: Pontypool, Newport, Cardiff

More friends came to stay the second part of last week and it was still grey.  It was basically dry so we were out and about walking the 3 days they were here.  It wasn’t cold but temperatures in the … Continue reading

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Grey Britain and an oasis of colour: Newport Wetlands

Britain is grey.  There is the odd day when the sun shines but we all know it won’t last and that can cast a shadow over the enjoyment of the sunshine during its brief appearance. I had friends come to … Continue reading

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