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Rambling around the Classic Slum, or Images from childhood and adolescence

It was no good, I had to go back. The morning two weeks ago when I re-visited the bit of Salford I knew as a boy the weather was very grey with the consequence that I took very few photos.  … Continue reading

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Sustainability, heritage …. nuclear power

A fundamental principle of the concept of sustainability is that we should not leave problems for future generations to inherit, not make the world a worse place to live.  But in some ways that is not always a clear issue. … Continue reading

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Garden devastation and uncertain future

Another stint in the North is over.  Back home again to try to get to grips with the wreckage in the garden left by my absence last summer and the unusually cold winter.  By now it’s emerging which plants have … Continue reading

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Walkabout, nostalgia, the Classic Slum and ….. sunshine

I’m back up North again now and, having left the car at home and travelled by train, I’m back to walking.  Urban walking isn’t normally my thing, I’m much more at home in the mountains but this is a matter of getting … Continue reading

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Cars, social castration and ….. sunshine

As I admitted in the last blog, the case I sketched out for the car being a vehicle of social castration was oversimplified.  It is more complex than that.  I have no doubt the increased use of the car has … Continue reading

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