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Greece, Nisyros: The Island Underground

It’s not surprising that limestone Symi has an underground.  Nor is it surprising that with very little rainfall the caves seem to be all ‘fault-caves’ caused by rock movement along fault lines (see). The result is that they are too … Continue reading

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Symi:  castles in the air

One of the great things about the smaller Greek islands such as Symi, Nisyros, Tilos, and the smaller villages on the larger islands such as Emborios on Kalymnos, is their peace and tranquillity.  In Greek it’s called ήσυχια. But it … Continue reading

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Nisyros:  All in a day’s trek

I have been back to the UK planning to continue the blog about treks on Symi but mundane stuff got in the way.  Now I’m on Nisyros and as always blown away by this place.  Been out in the mountains … Continue reading

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Symi:  Rambling around the past

WARNING:  make yourself comfortable and a cup of coffee before starting to read this. If there is anyone out there hooked on Barry’s Ramblings and having withdrawal symptoms, apologies!  I have had people staying with me most of the time … Continue reading

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Greece: Kos I was there.

The plane landed at Kos airport just after 06.00.   Rapidly through baggage reclaim and out into the fresh morning air after having been cooped up in airports and planes since 19.30 the previous evening.  I declined to wait an hour … Continue reading

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Symi: imagining the past

As I recounted in the blog, in July I trekked via many distractions to the ridge-top Lappatoniou Castle  on the western-most peninsula on Symi.  Then in early in October I went back with friends who, after trial and error and … Continue reading

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Symi:  another trek in the mountains in search of the past.

It started out as a simple amble across the island to check out the site of more ruins shown on the SKAÏ map but turned into a really good-value-for–money trek. Finding the Pelasgian Platform (‘Trekking to a time before Greece’) … Continue reading

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Greece: more high speed island hopping

Now that inter-island travel is both more rapid and more reliable it’s a viable option to  hop from island to island for brief visits and sometimes when moving on it’s possible to make connexions without an overnight stay where there … Continue reading

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From hot rocks to old rocks

Wednesday is the major change-over day for hotels round here, with charter flights between Kos, Rhodes and Athens (and probably other Greek airports) and the UK.  And so it was for me: Ruth and Tim were going home. The 07.30 … Continue reading

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