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Happy Christmas

For various reasons I’m not going to Canada this winter.  So no new shots of snow covered Rockies.  Hopefully, next winter.  However, given the greyness of Grey Britain at the moment, I can’t help looking back to winter and Christmas … Continue reading

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Banff, Canada:  ……… and then the hotel burnt down

If I may quote  HMQ speaking on British TV in November 1992, for me and for many others I’m sure, 2016 was an Annus Horribilis, a horrible arse of a year. Returning to Banff in early February to continue to … Continue reading

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Banff, Canada:  A Rocky white Christmas

A change of scene.  And what a contrast. After a journey during which British Airways and Air Canada seemed to conspire to cover themselves with ignominy rather than glory we arrived in Banff a day late and minus three of … Continue reading

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Canadian Rockies: Christmas on the piste

I’ve been in the Canadian Rockies now for a week, skiing and doing the odd bit of walking.  There couldn’t be a much greater contrast with summer in the Greek islands.  But, after heavy overnight snowfall on the mountain, early … Continue reading

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Symi: funeral bells and the smell of death

In Greece Easter is a far more important celebration than Christmas.  Theologically that is as it should be, the birth of Christ was only the necessary first step, the reason for His coming was His death and resurrection.  Without Easter … Continue reading

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An alternative Boxing Day

From the top of Garn Wen on Christmas Day I could see not only a cap of snow on the top of the Sugar Loaf Mountain near Abergavenny but also to the north west a snow covered ridge in the … Continue reading

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An alternative Christmas

I don’t enjoy Christmas.  This year I was looking forward to it less than usual until I decided to do the unthinkable.  Spend Christmas Day on my own.  It’s a quirk of the human psyche that the things we choose … Continue reading

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Bah Humbug!: debasing the language … and then a Christmas greeting

I regret that I’m going to do my Bah Humbug Pre-Christmas moan today.  I hadn’t intended to be negative even though this is not my favourite time of year.  But a flyer which came in a package of stuff I … Continue reading

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Shafts of light in the winter gloom and hibernation

In the last week I have made another couple of trips to Cardiff in increasingly stressed and depressed pursuit of Christmas presents for the family.  Each time I arranged to meet up with friends in the evening, something to look … Continue reading

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Bah Humbug!: Christmas and beyond

I regret that I don’t and never have, enjoyed Christmas.  Required jollity is not my thing.  Nor is the hyperventilating commercialisation which tries to drag behind it a vague connexion with the birth of Christ which the church does its … Continue reading

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