Happy Christmas

For various reasons I’m not going to Canada this winter.  So no new shots of snow covered Rockies.  Hopefully, next winter.  However, given the greyness of Grey Britain at the moment, I can’t help looking back to winter and Christmas in the high mountains of western Canada near Banff.

Happy Christmas and Best wishes.



Minus 30 degrees – a sundog-day at Lake Louise

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3 Responses to Happy Christmas

  1. Phillippa Lee says:

    Happy Christmas to you Barry. I am going to Symi for 3 weeks at the end of September – really looking forward to walking, swiming and resting!!

  2. Monmouth Canoe says:

    Hi Barry
    As you are around this winter how about a drink sometime would love to catch up with you. We are around after Christmas Day.
    All the best

    Graham and Sue

    01600 716083 or Sue’s mobile 07501725251


  3. Michael Carley says:

    All the best Barry. I hope I can get your help mapping the (present and former) kalderimia of Symi.

    Have a good holiday.

    Mike Carley


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