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15 Responses to About

  1. artreviewed says:

    I think your blog is awesome! That’s why I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award Click on the following link to see what it’s about: http://artreviewed.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/my-first-blog-award/

  2. Mike Palecek says:

    Wondering if I could get permission to use the photo [of you?] with the sunglasses and frosted bird for a book cover.
    Thanks for considering.
    – Mike Palecek

  3. Stephanie Ferguson says:

    Hi Barry
    Dancing Welsh person here, back home with horrendous hay fever. Steve gave me the whole tortoise experience while you were resting your eyes on the Spanos!! Super pic and nice b log. Watch your apostrophes re the lilies. Sorry. Always an editor. Dull here in Yorkshire, but we had a wonderful weekend for our local show. Need some antihistamine as surrounded by pollens. The joys of country life. Buzzards but no tortoises. All best with ramblings. Seriously think must rent somewhere but probably on Halki. If you hear of anything on Symi with two beds please let me know.
    Keep on walking and seeing things. That’s what matters. Stephanie. X

    • BarryH says:

      Hi Stephanie Non-dancing Welsh person here. Good to hear from you. Sorry about the hay fever. Glad you like the blog. Thanks for pointing out what Lynne Truss calls the Greengrocers’ apostrophe (if I remember the book rightly). Will keep in touch and if I hear anything will let you know. Barry

  4. Hi Barry,

    You have some really lovely photos and I, too, wonder if I might get permission to use the one ‘Bougainvillea and Sea’ for my bookcover. I live in Greece now and this is an image that says it all. The book cover is going to be a design competition and I would like to offer the desigers an image to work with. Thanks for your consideration.


    • BarryH says:

      Hi Marilyn

      Pleased that you like my photos. I´m in transit at the moment. I´ll get back to you in a few days ref using the image.

  5. Hi Barry!

    I am interested in using one of your images from your blogpost for the website I work for. Please contact me at tara@hopper.com to discuss. Thanks so much for considering 🙂

  6. warren simmons says:

    Hi Barry ,
    I am doing some ancestry research and it involves White street. I am researching Jane Ann Simmons who may have lived at 47 White St. When I did a google streetview I saw that the motorway had replaced the house and then I found your blog which gave me more insight into what had happened. Jane was living there until the year she died (1953) – at least that is what her probate says. Her immediate family appear to have been living across the road in Cardigan Street no.s 5 and 16 (her daughter Nellie Simmons (until 1948) and her family Chambers). I am hoping that you might have some distant memory and could share this with me.

    Lastly, I smiled when I saw your Symi entries. I worked there in 1987 as a rep for Laskarina Holidays. I have many happy memories of working with the agent George Kalodoukas and Anna.

    If you do have any recollection of Jane Anne Simmons or Nellie Simmons then I would be very interested to know at least a little bit.

    My email is warrensimmons88 at googlemail.com

    Kind regards


  7. Hi Barry – another photograph request! Apart from being a keen Philhellene and walker (and author of the Sunflower Guide to the Southern Peloponnese among other books), I also edit the accommodation website http://www.i-escape.com. I was wondering if I can use the photo of Kalamitsi beach to illustrate my review of Elies Hotel in Kardamyli (run by Stavros Yianakeas, son of Lela who was PLF’s housekeeper). Please let me know by email to michael[at]i-escape.com. I can put a credit in our caption, but unfortunately not a link. Many thanks and keep up the interesting ramblings!

  8. Robbie Davies says:

    Lovely to see you tonight Barry! Good luck with everything.

  9. KP says:

    Hi Barry,

    I want to thank you for your blogs about waking on Symi. I’ve just returned from my third holiday there, but this one was enriched thanks to reading your posts before going. Highlights include the walk to up to the monastery of Agia Nikaloas Stenou above Nimborio and the farm further round, and the challenging climb up to Gria and the pond from Pedi Bay. I also thank you for pointing out the Roman Mozaics which I’ve walked past before and been oblivious. Look forward to reading future posts.

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