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Christmas Greetings

Because of the continuing and growing uncertainties of travel during the pandemic, I’m not going to Canada again this winter, stuck in Grey Britain, so harking back to Christmases Past for a greetings photo.  This one, taken high-up at the … Continue reading

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Canadian Rockies: A White Christmas

A bit of a contrast from Greece.  In the Canadian Rockies, in the ski resorts near Banff temperatures dropping to minus mid-twenties overnight, highs of minus 15 in the afternoon. More to follow but in the meantime ….. Happy Christmas … Continue reading

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Canadian Rockies: global weather patterns, local effects: wrapped in thermals not cotton wool

In January the Canadian Rockies normally experience very cold conditions.  When I first came to Banff in the winter of 2010/11 the warmest temperature in the month from mid-December to mid-January was minus 15oC and most mornings the short walk … Continue reading

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Bah Humbug!: Christmas and beyond

I regret that I don’t and never have, enjoyed Christmas.  Required jollity is not my thing.  Nor is the hyperventilating commercialisation which tries to drag behind it a vague connexion with the birth of Christ which the church does its … Continue reading

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