Greece 2011: arrived to do my bit for the Greek economy

In the event take-off from Manchester Airport was only delayed by 50 minutes.  After a very pleasant amble in the sunshine along the river into Stockport to do last minute shopping in the morning it started to rain as we reached the airport at 16.00 as if to wish me bon voyage, or more appropriately κάλο ταξίδι.

Arrived at Rhodes Airport 00.45 Greek Time and got to the hotel where I’m overnighting just before 02.00.  It is considerably warmer than in Manchester, temperature outside is currently 25oC.  May be a sticky night.

Very short blog as I have to be up at 07.00 to have breakfast and catch a ferry at 08.30 to take me to Kalymnos.  Just taking advantage of the internet while I have it.

I suspect internet connection will be poor to non-existent in Emborios in the far North of the island, the village where I’m staying, so blogging and e-mailing will be sporadic.

Only contribution to the Greek Economy so far was €22 for the taxi from the airport.  Steep compared to the bus but the last bus is before midnight.  Steep too compared with our first visit to Rhodes when the taxi fare was the equivalent of €10. In those halcyon days Greece still had the drachma and prices for everything were significantly lower in real terms. I’ll  start contributing in earnest to the economy in the morning.

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1 Response to Greece 2011: arrived to do my bit for the Greek economy

  1. Liz says:

    At least the taxi drivers were not on strike when you arrived as they had been recently. Make the most of the sunshine as it is thundering and raining here.

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