Wales, Brecon Beacons National Park: spring into winter

I promised more images of winter before spring eventually arrives and I headed for Greece.  My intention had been to post more photos of snow in the Canadian Rockies but once again plans were changed by events.

The real effect of global warming is climate change and climate scientists confirm that what we will increasingly see is more frequent and more extreme ‘extreme weather events’.  In the northern latitudes we are also likely to see more grey skies and greater precipitation.

This is the context in which to view what has been happening in the UK recently. It seems bizarre that tabloid mentality has come to regard 1 March as the start of Spring.  Spring is a meteorological not a calendar concept.  The first month of this mistakenly notional ‘Spring’ saw more winter weather than during winter, certainly in my neck of the UK woods.

Following the heavy snowfall which I wrote about in my last-but-one blog post we had another significant snowfall in the middle of March when Easter bunnies and spring flowers were gracing supermarket shelves.

Once again, after clearing a path up the drive, on a couple of days I took my camera for a walk up the mountain.  This time I walked further up the ridge before dropping down to the Goose and Cuckoo, a log fire and warm welcome.  It seemed right to make the most of the snow before heading for Greece and Spring.


Talking of Greece don’t forget to take a look at my book now in Amazon’s Kindle Store.  ‘Greece unpackaged: Travels in a foreign language’, available for the world to read.  x

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