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Surreal change to Autumn: A backward look from a cold climate to the Hot Rock.

The last few days on Symi were unusually hot and sunny for the end of September and beginning of October but there were signs of Autumn approaching. From Panormitis Monastery on Monday a strange layer of cloud could be seen … Continue reading

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Looking back, looking forward: time warping

After two weeks of proper summer the weather has reverted back to grey and wet …. at times very wet. My efforts to get the garden back under control are now slotted-in between showers, waiting for the ground and foliage … Continue reading

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New habits dying hard: greyness in the brain

Whether we like to think so or not, habits are an integral part of life for most of us.  Apart from anything else they are the lubricant which we use to cope with the boring, everyday stuff.  It is also … Continue reading

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Paxos: Sunday, a day for R+R

Sunday dawned grey.  At least I assume it did. As it had dawned a few hours before I emerged into it I had no way of knowing for certain.  The view to the mountains and the area around Parga on … Continue reading

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Meteora to Metsovo: and a touch of déjà vue

Moderately early start to Thursday in order to catch the express bus to the next place on my itinerary, Metsovo in the Pindus Mountains at an altitude of about 1200 metres.. Usual morning ablutions; finished packing; breakfast at 07.30 instead … Continue reading

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Meteora: on the rocks

Monday dawned, and continued, very grey.  There are a number of weather forecasts for this part of the world and they are usually different.  None can be relied on.  The one thing that forecasts and locals are agreed on at … Continue reading

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Pontypool, Chepstow, Tintern: a long weekend in Grey Britain

Having enjoyed two weeks of summer in March we are now back to the typical wet,cold weather of Grey Britain.  It’s a pity because I had people to stay for the weekend and it took the edge off getting out … Continue reading

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