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In the groove

On the Hot Rock for just over two weeks and getting into the swing of things. Walking in the mountains every day, increasingly long distances, increasingly strenuous, interspersing occasional easier days to allow recovery before the next big hit.  My … Continue reading


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Symi: coast to coast

There is a certain smug satisfaction in casually dropping into conversation in the taverna over an end-of-trek beer  “I walked across the island today”.  OK, so on a small island like Symi it’s not exactly Wainwright’s 192-mile epic but it … Continue reading

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Symi: to the other side of the island

It isn’t often that I contradict myself so quickly.  Not that I’ve changed my mind, just that I’m putting a different slant on things.  In the last blog I disparaged the old Taoist saying that “the journey is the reward”, … Continue reading

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Symi: a gorgeous walk

Normally I’m obsessive about tidying up behind me.  Food shopping gets put in the cupboard or fridge as soon as I walk in through the door.  Clothes get folded or hung as I take them off.  But I hate unpacking … Continue reading

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From Symi to Kalymnos: from peace and quiet to tranquility

On my one full day on Symi I walked across the island to Agios Vasilios, a bay on the far side with a tiny monastery nestled into the cliffs.  It was always a favourite with my late wife and I … Continue reading

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