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Symi, Kardamyli and Cricieth: a short tale of literary connections.

One of the pleasures of travelling is meeting people.  One of pleasures of returning to familiar places is renewing friendships. A conversation with a friend in a taverna on Symi in 2010 sparked my interest in the author Bruce Chatwin.  … Continue reading

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Down to earth with a squelch, naked garlic, blue sky thinking

Arrival back in the UK from Athens was not as unpleasant as the avuncular pilot predicted at takeoff.  Rather than raining and 14oC, the weather in Manchester was about 18oC, dry with sunny intervals and there was a modest amount … Continue reading

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Leaving Athens: the end of the trip

I woke up ahead of my alarm going off on Friday with one  of those crystal-clear wakenings which renders the ‘snooze’ button pointless. Written large in the early-morning grogginess was the inescapable message “Going home today”.  That stark message meant … Continue reading

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Areopoli to Athens: tower houses to tower blocks

Thursday and unfortunately time to leave the Mani.  The staff of the family-run hotel, the ‘Areos Polis’ always very helpful and obliging, had arranged the full range of breakfast for me an hour early so that I could be on … Continue reading

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Areopoli: Last day in the Mani, a grumble about footpaths, and a new word for the language

PHOTOS ADDED (for those who have difficulty with the words) Wednesday, the last day in the Mani and the Exit Strategy looming. First task after breakfast was to trot around to the bus station and book my ticket on the … Continue reading

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Gerolimenas to Areopoli: things new, things familiar, and the Exit Strategy

Tuesday, the setting in motion of the Exit Strategy to get me back to the UK ….  and, a new experience for this trip, I was going back to a place I had been before!  Until today every single place … Continue reading

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Gerolimenas: more tower-house villages and scree-running.

Monday and I resorted to the plan originally pencilled in for Sunday, a long walk from Gerolimenas taking in some tower-house villages and a mountain top. My ambition for the whole trip has been to travel by public transport rather … Continue reading

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