Greece, Symi: here’s hoping

I usually come back from Greece to the UK for August, partly because of the heat but mostly in order to sort out my garden, harvest fruit and veg and store it away for the winter months.   In the throes of doing that now.

Then I usually fly back to Greece at the end of the month, taking advantage of cheap fares as airlines fly empty planes to pick up summer-visitors returning for the new school term.  I’m hoping to do that again this year.

To say that I’m looking forward to it is an understatement.  But there is a sense of preparing to step into the unknown, mask-wearing off the edge of the known world.  However, in the last 24 hours a potential dark cloud has appeared on the horizon for when I return.  Having been accused (rightly, in my opinion) of being too soft on international movement Boris is now over-reacting and the possibility has been mooted of requiring quarantine on return from Greece as well as France, Belgium, Spain etc  Given that both the infection and the death rate in Greece are an order of magnitude lower than in the UK it’s difficult to see the logic.  Given the lack of competence and integrity of this Government nothing is a surprise.

But let’s not be negative.  All being well I’ll be flying as planned and September/October is perhaps the best time of year to be over there.  The sea is warm after heating up under months of sunshine and colour is starting to emerge with ‘autumn’ flowering plants.  There is the prospect of the occasional black clouds of thunderstorms but that only serves to freshen everything up, accelerate the emergence of Autumn crocus and the exquisite, very shy Biarum marmarisense, following the vast sea of Squill.  Wildlife also starts to emerge, free of the burden of hammering summer heat.

So, a few photos of what to look forward to.

Flora and Fauna



And you might want to take a  look at my book about independent travelling in Greece:



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4 Responses to Greece, Symi: here’s hoping

  1. Phillipa lee says:

    I may see you around Barry! I am hoping To go trogon on 28th sep for 3 weeks. I love symi in the autumn. I’m not looking forward to the journey. What a strange time! Xx

  2. marsda01 says:

    I was thinking about you today and planned to email to see if you had gone to Symi yet.
    Ditto. Our feelings are exactly the same as yours. We have had exactly the same conversation. We have flights booked for 5th September. Fingers crossed
    Are you well?

    Sent from my iPad

  3. jean-Bernard de VAIVRE says:

    Dear Barry,

    As always, I read your interesting letters and am sorry that you have not yet been able to reach the islands, and certainly Symi. For our part, we had to give up going to spend the month of May in the Dodecanese, where I must nevertheless continue to survey the remains of the fortifications. I’m afraid the September-October trip will also be compromised this year, especially since my son has been confined to Hong Kong for months.

    I take this opportunity to work on my texts and site descriptions and am looking for the old arrangements of Symi kastro. On the top of the piton is now a chapel, but this one is of recent construction and on the site of a medieval keep. Do you know when this chapel was built? Probably after 1990, because I saw a photograph of the site where this chapel did not appear.

    Best wishes for your next trip in Greece !



  4. Sandra says:

    Have a great time,

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