Over the sea to Kos

After having got up and had breakfast on the terrace, Wednesday didn’t follow any kind of pattern at all.

Ruth and Tim were arriving at Kos airport at the end of the afternoon and I was crossing over the meet them on the day-trip ferry at 15.30.  So not really time to fit in a long walk.

First thing I did was to get the problem with the phone sorted out.  There’s a small computer and electrical gadget shop in one of the backstreets so I went in there.  The guy knew the number to dial to check on the credit and found that, as I had surmised, the remaining credit at the end of the last trip had been deleted by Vodafone.  Bit of a cheek that really, corporate theft but probably written into the small print.  I have heard before of the practice with phone companies. It was simply a matter of putting more credit onto the phone.  One problem sorted.

I headed out after that and walked along a section of coast beyond Hochlaki beach.  The sea was a lot calmer, about the calmest I have seen it, so I enjoyed a very good swim and then ambled on some more.  Very pleasant and low key.

Back to the hotel to clean up and pack a few things for an overnight stay in Kardamena, the small harbour where the day-trip ferries to Nisyros come from at 09.30 to disgorge trippers to spend their money on Nisyros for a day and takes them back to at 15.30 with lighter pockets and heavier bags. It was very noticeable how the national make-up of the day trippers has changed over the last 3 years.  In particular the number of Russians has increased dramatically and lots of local restaurants and tavernas now have menus in the language.

I could see Ruth and Tim’s plane landing as we pulled into the harbour at Kardamena so perhaps as well that there was a taxi waiting for me by arrangement where the ferry parks.  I got to the Baggage Reclaim just as the first passengers were filing in.  Ruth and Tim’s bag was the last off the  carousel but no real problem.

Taxi back down the Kardamena and we dumped the stuff in the hotel where we were overnighting and then ambled down to the seafront for a drink and a meal.  It was very relaxing sitting waiting for the meal and chatting.  The boat and the calm sea which Tim spotted just about summed up the mood.


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