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Calgary: from the Eddie the Eagle to the Stampede via Downtown by Barry Skywalker

On Sunday my hosts, proud Calgarians, took me on a tour of the city.  As I have said before, although brought up in a city I’m not a city person.  But I was very impressed with Calgary. Until now the … Continue reading

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Following the sun: from the M25 to the Trans Canada Highway

Quick shower at 05.00.  Good strong cup of coffee.  Last things stowed for travelling and just after 05.30 we were heading north up the A21 to join the M25 heading west in light rain and heavy road-spray, Gatwick-bound.  Thanks to … Continue reading

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Go west young man, and do it without a list

I don’t make lists.  To do so would be, from my warped perspective, to admit that my mind is failing.  When I went to Greece for a long summer for the first time in 2010 I was urged to make … Continue reading

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