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Nisyros: volcano art and origami.

Unexpectedly amazing day on Wednesday.  Most days are good but this was better than good. Tuesday evening I found out that the island’s bus service is to be augmented by an 09.45  run to Palloi further along the coast.  Agreed … Continue reading

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Nisyros: rock hopping along the coast

I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen the Disney film ‘The Jungle Book’.  I saw it 5 times in cinemas before I could use having children, and now grandchildren, as an excuse for watching it on video.  I can close my … Continue reading

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Areopoli: longest day, longest walk, highest mountain …. shortest me

Thursday dawned bright and sunny.  Well, it probably did but as ever I was not around to see it.  Still, the statistical probability was pretty high given that the weather has now settled down to a truly Mediterranean ‘climate’ of … Continue reading

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Kardamili: doors, bats, belfries, fish, funky art, olive groves, gorge-hopping …. all grist to a rich memory

I keep going on about the great footpaths around Kardamili …. because it’s true!  There are colour-coded walks shown on the hiking map and marked on the ground but the great thing is that you can pick’n’mix as you fancy. … Continue reading

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Kardamili: musings on the way ahead

Friday evening and the clientele at the Maistros coffee bar next to my apartment, where I regularly get my caffeine fix, erupted into spontaneous cheering and applause.  Greece had equalised against Poland in the 2012 European Cup.  At last something … Continue reading

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A day out in Athens

Thursday morning and getting up at 07.30, the equivalent of 05.30 BST, didn’t hurt too much.  My body clock seems to adjust quickly, probably because I don’t go to bed until I’m very tired and then go to sleep instantly. … Continue reading

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Greece 2011: Symi walk, the old, the dry, the colourful

Tuesday dawned warm and sunny.  So what’s new?!  Only two things really.  I wasn’t around when it dawned,  I was far away in the Land of Nod after a heavy night’s partying.  Well, really just attending the opening evening of … Continue reading

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Nisyros: rocks and butterflies

Apologies for the delay with the blog, the internet connection has been very poor. Saturday was an easy day in walking terms.  After a season skiing in Canada Ruth and Tim had had little exposure to the sun.  A month … Continue reading

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