Symi, Stockport: Then, now and soon-to-be

The Brexit Bonus has nowhere-near met cynically manipulated expectations.  Quite the opposite.  It has fallen far short and a realistic assessment is that it will continue to do so, despite the Ress-Mogg Magic Wand. One of the negative impacts, which admittedly affects only a tiny minority, is the limitation on the length of stay in EU countries, including Greece.  

A far more significant impact is that it has undermined European unity at a time when it is most needed.  The 40 or so years since its formation has been the longest period of peace in European history.  Russian interference in the Brexit referendum has achieved its aim of driving a wedge into democratic Europe and now the Ukrainians, and to a lesser extent the rest of us, are paying the price.  And it’s likely to get a lot higher.

Just about ‘getting back to normal’ after the pandemic and again there is a new uncertainty hanging over us.

Nonetheless, I’m at the early stages of planning a trip back to Greece and Symi.  And Nisyros.  I won’t be going as early in the year as I have previously, so will miss the full impact of the profusion of Spring colour.  Nevertheless, I count myself fortunate that in previous years, I have been able to spend time on the islands from the middle of April.    If you can make it this year. Here’s a taste of what you can expect to see, assuming you go off the beaten track.

A walk on the colourful side

Walking through Spring colour

A floriferous walk down the valley

Symi, not-so-wild-walks

In the meantime, I’ve been in St Ockport looking after my daughter’s geriatric cat and taking a few local walks.  Here are a few images from Abney Hall Park on a sunny afternoon and Heaton Mersey Common on a not-so-sunny one – trees, crocuses  …. and Red Elf Cups.

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1 Response to Symi, Stockport: Then, now and soon-to-be

  1. derrick eveleigh says:

    good to have an update from you. Hope you get to symi again this year. All we have are memories of symi, sorry to say we will never return but twice we have experienced the charm of symiot life and sharing an ice cold in lefteras with you,
    Great time in cyprus in Jan. Cannot walk like you but revisited our favourite little villages by local bus. Often the only passengers.
    The algarve in April, Again trying to get to villages and unspoilt places by little buses.
    All the best. Agree with all you say, not all older people are little englanders. Makes me very sad.

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