Greece, Symi: Sea to Sky

The beach at Nanou is popular with visitors to Symi, not least because it is served by high-speed taxi boat and has a taverna under the shade of tamarisk trees.  I don’t do beach-days, I get bored and end up climbing the cliffs (literally) but I have walked there from Horio a few times and met up with others for the ride back on the boat.  I generally only do it if asked by friends to show them the way because the path down from the ridge top is not very pleasant – loose shale, insecure footing, slipping and sliding ….. not fun.

But this time, friends wanted to do it in reverse.  Taxi-boat to Nanou and walk up.   Then on up to the mountain-top monastery of Stavros Polemou.

An added incentive was that we would be passing the Skordhalos cave soon after starting out.  Passing it on the way down and the incentive to get down to the taverna for a beer after 3 hours walking in the heat overcomes the desire to explore the cave.

The cool in the cave was a welcome respite from the hard toil uphill, the decision to resume the upward toil deferred as long as possible.  It’s entirely in pine woods with no breeze, temperatures near 40 degrees ….. so quite draining.

After scrambling up and over the construction waste from the ridge-top road which has destroyed the path, a short rest and then through cypress woodland to link up to the path to the monastery of Panagia Panaiidi and the dramatic crag-top monastery of Stavros Polemou, once a defensive and signalling location used by the Crusaders.

Then back to Horio via the remnants of a stone-built kalderimi not destroyed by the ‘tarmac’.

Take a look at the route:


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3 Responses to Greece, Symi: Sea to Sky

  1. Angela Heczko says:

    Hi Barry, glad you’re well and back on Symi.
    Great to see this walk on the interactive map, it’s what Chris and I did. As well as getting lost! A great walk.

  2. Helle Christoffersen says:

    What a nice walk Barry, thank you for sharing. In june we were visiting Lyn and Iain´s lovely place in Kalamiou, Crete. Best summer wishes and hugs to you from Aksel and Helle.

  3. marsda01 says:

    Lovely to hear that you are enjoying your time. We just returned from Athens this evening. I met Theo for a coffee on Saturday. He looks well. He asked about you and sends his best wishes.
    Catch up when you get home, xx

    Sent from my iPad

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