Canadian Rockies and Greek Islands: looking back, looking forward

So far 2016 has had its share of setbacks.  A minor viral infection in January which kept me indoors in Banff for two day and impaired activities for the rest of the stay.  A skiing accident resulting in a dislocated shoulder in February which saw me scurrying back home two weeks early.  And now flu in March which has laid me low for over a week with a fever and palpitations.

I just don’t do this stuff!  I’m never ill!!!   I guess I need to be reminded that I’m just human after all.

So I have been looking back at the visits to Canada and looking forward to the Greek islands from April onwards.

Looking back


At the confluence of the Bow River and Forty Mile Creek a large flush of water freezes as clear blue-green ice


A red squirrel perches on low-growing trees


Dropping water level on Forty Mile Creek leaves a shelf of snow-covered ice.


Looking upstream to the Bow River Falls from the right angle bend in the river


….. and looking downstream from the same spot towards the Fairholme Range


At the edge of Vermilion Lakes a thermal spring keeps open a pond with aquatic plants all year round


Snow covers every twig and stone at the water margin


Stretch of water in one of the Vermilion Lakes kept open by flow from the thermal spring

Looking forward


Flat slabs of rock below ridge-top Lappatoniou Castle on Symi, a great place to look forward to for relaxation and contemplation


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2 Responses to Canadian Rockies and Greek Islands: looking back, looking forward

  1. 165bryn says:

    Dear Barry Sorry to read you have the dreaded lurgy as Our family calls it. Hope you recover quickly. Thank you for the colour and interest you bring to our lives with your E.mails with marvellous photos. How are Tim and Ruth these days? The funny thing is I always think of Tim when I see a ponytail has he still got it? you see I’m writing this on my knew kindle, I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. Any lessons on spacing and paragraphing would be appreciated.

  2. Chrisange says:

    Get well soon Barry, your photos are as good as always. Really enjoy your blog and hope we get to see you this summer! Chris and Ange x

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