Time plays with the mind: the Canadian Rockies

It’s 23.30 Rocky Mountain Time, 06.30 GMT and 08.30 in Greece.  After 30 hours without sleep I’m now in Banff and ready to go to bed, the first time before midnight for years.  But then it’s another midnight not the one I’m used to.   Assuming I’m thoroughly refreshed from a night’s sleep it’s on with the fun tomorrow ….. later today …………. Thursday 16 January 2014.  But then it’s already Thursday 16 January in Greece and the UK and folks there will be getting up as I’m going to bed.  This stuff messes with the mind.

Temperatures are below freezing.  Snow is piled up in the streets creating a barrier down the centre of Banff Avenue.  Should be good up in the mountains.

More of which to follow.

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