Greece: on the edge

Apologies. The last week or so I have been rushing around like the proverbial, if biologically unidentified, blue arsed fly.  Constantly under time pressure. 

The main reason for being in Grey Britain these days is to be with family and friends so I have prioritised meeting up with people before I jet off to Greece, warmer temperatures  and sunshine.  Great to see them all.

Another priority has been trying to sort out the garden ready to leave.  A growing season delayed 3 weeks by unusually cold weather has made preparation somewhat difficult but I have planted 3 varieties of potatoes, sprouts, red cabbage, swedes and turnips. I have sown beetroot and parsnips in the ground and leeks in toilet-roll tubes ready to plant out later.  With the grandchildren we have planted peas, lettuce, potatoes and strawberries in their bit of the garden.  The soil is still too cold for planting but I had little choice.  Take the opportunity or forget it.  Nature will catch up on growing cycles ………….  or not.

Time in the mountains to get ready for walking in Greece has been severely constrained.  However I did get up to the top of Mynydd Garn Wen twice to repaint the trig point.  At the end of July last year I decided that the trig point on the top of my local mountain, part of the Brecon Beacons National Park, should be restored to its traditional white.  Triangulation pillars always used to be painted white until satellite technology rendered them superfluous and tightening purse strings abandoned them to the elements and a grey future. The Welsh name of the mountain translates into English as ‘Mountain of the White Rock’ so really there was little choice but to restore its dignity.

With the harsh conditions on the top of the mountain last year’s paint had begun to look drab so time for a refresher.  On Wednesday I left breakfast in the sunshine on the balcony and set out with paint pot and brushes to apply the first coat.  It was so windy on top that in shorts and sandals I soon got cold and the paint was blown off the brush on the way from the pot to the pillar.  For the second coat on Tuesday it was grey and cloudy, the wind even stronger and paint went flying around the mountain top but I was at least dressed appropriately…. in thermals and a boiler suit.

I carefully applied masking tape over the copper inlays so they stayed appropriately green and conveyed their one-time-important information.  Nolonger of any functional value, triangulation pillars are listed on the internet for those who want to go and ‘bag’ them.  Not a sport for me but if you want to check my handiwork its reference number and location are below:





Mynydd Garn Wen

SO 28916 04319

Now, bags packed, I’m on the edge of going back to Greece.  Time to do my bit to support the flagging, beleaguered, much maligned Greek economy.

2012 revamp of the Garn Wen trig point:

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1 Response to Greece: on the edge

  1. sarahsquall says:

    Hi Barry, We’ve been home from Greece a week now and I’m for turning right around and heading back. This cold weather is driving me nuts. Me and my pea shoots are limp and withering! Greece was sublime, Kardamyli and the Viros Gorge especially, not as many flowers as last year and not much snow at all but wonderful all the same. The people are as warm and friendly as ever and the weather was lovely for walking. Must catch up with blogging! Happy travelling. S

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