November Daily Blog 24: Footpaths – Grey Britain, Greece, Canadian Rockies.

The weather in the UK has been pretty grim over the last few days with dark grey skies and rain varying between heavy and torrential.  For 4 days now there have been 200 or more flood warnings with the South West of England seeming to be worst affected.  A combination of the weather and the fact that I have been behaving myself by concentrating on trying to sort out my damaged knee by resting it and applying ice-packs and ultrasound three times a day has meant that I haven’t been out a great deal.

So once again I’ve been turning my attention to writing up the diary of my 2012 Greek Odyssey.  I’ve completed the first draft of the 1,500 kilometre Grand Tour in May and June and am re-reading it before printing it off and turning my attention to the second part of the Odyssey from August to October.

It has been ironic to look back at photos of some of the paths to the top of local peaks in the Mani and the Dodecanese while my clothing and boots have only just dried out from walks in the Brecon Beacons. It is also ironic that I’m now starting to think ahead to my trip to the Canadian Rockies in January–February next year.  It will be mostly for the skiing but, as in 2010-11, on my rest days I intend to walk some of the trails which by then will be deep in snow.

Rank the following photos of paths in order of preference. Truth is I like extreme conditions.  Plus 35oC in Greece, minus 35oC in the Rockies.  Hmm!! Difficult choice!

On the Sgwd yr Eira Trail 8 November 2012

The old kalderimi near the top of Profitis Ilias above Areopoloi, 19 June 2012

On the Hoodoos Trail near Banff, Canada, 10 January 2011


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