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  1. 165bryn says:

    Barry Paddy and I remembered to say thank you for Enfys on that day. Lovely Yellow roses.

    PAD WILL BE 70 May 2 next year. I will be 72 august that year. We find ourselves saying things like this. ‘ It wont be long now before we see Enfys again. and Gloria and Beverley- and- and etc. Infact we know more people with the Lord than we do here. We praise the Lord for all the way He is sustaining you by His Grace. [look up that hymn > ‘ALL the way my Saviour leads me what have I to ask besides’] etc. We sit here often, and reflect quite often, the blessings of Barry and Enfys to us as a family. One occasion after Beverley died You came across the chapel and said ‘She’s a believer and in a better place and with her mum’ those were kind words and comforted me. May the Lord comfort you in difficult months and days. Please keep sending [Barry’s Ramblings] we enjoy the experience as if we were there! Richard.

    Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 18:21:25 +0000 To:

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