Greece 2011: Symi – του χρόνου – until next year

Tuesday and my last day on Symi.  Ferry to Rhodes and then flight back to Grey Britain tomorrow …. I checked out the weather forecast.  GRIM!.  Looking forward to getting home in a way, yet very reluctant to let go of here.

A lot of running around in the morning sorting various things including bits of shopping and seeing friends.

Couldn’t leave without climbing a mountain and a last swim or two in the Aegean.  If you haven’t been to the Greek islands in September you have missed a lot.  Temperatures are manageably hot.  The sea is unbelievably refreshing.

So I climbed a mountain, swam in the sea.  Very difficult to let go.

Sad to leave friends.

A last few images of Symi.

The mega-big Blue Star Ferry pulling into the harbour early morning, as seen from my balcony

Some of the windmills on the ridge in morning light

Looking across deeply eroded limestone pavement to Pedi bay

The monastery of The Waters of Life, nestling in a cleft in the mountain

The main courtyard of the monastery

One of a few old buildings on the top of the moluntain

Just to prove that I got to the top

.... and just to prove I was right when I said I would be taller by the end of the summer (check the archive for 21 June)

How much more peaceful can it get than this!!!!!!!!!

..... and looking towards the mountain I have just come from

The ridge with the windmills in the late-afternoon sun


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