Rocky Mountain Sunshine

We got back from the guided walk in Grotto Canyon about 12.30.  It was still clear blue sky and bright sunshine and so, having had something to eat I decided to go back up Tunnel Mountain.  The views had been dramatic on Saturday but my guess was that they would be more so in the sun.  Much of the time I have been here it has been sunny but apparently that is unusual and so I didn’t want to defer going back up the mountain in case the next day-off from skiing was again overcast.  I enjoy walking when it is snowing but it doesn’t make for good photos.

I thought that by the time I got to the top the valley floor would be in the shade but that the mountains would be in the sun and against a backcloth of blue sky. Which is as it turned out. So this blog is really just more photos of and from Tunnel Mountain.

Looking back down the trail in bright sunshine. Note the dying trees, the work of Pine Bark Beetle

..... and looking up the trail as the trees thin out.

Mount Rundle, the Bow River Valley and the mountains beyond

High mountains mean the sun sets mid-afternoon.

Some trees are deformed in sappling-hood by other trees falling across them and they retain the shapes throughout the rest of their lives

The top of the mountain can be a windy and gnarly place

Last glimpse of the setting sun through the trees

The sun picking out ridges on the mountain

Seen from the Tunnel Mountain, Cascade Mountain which is the backdrop at the end of Banff's main street

Altogether the walk took about 3 hours but that included a fair bit of time just enjoying being on top of the mountain in the sunshine.  I decided that if another day-off coincides with sunshine I would go up the mountain in the morning to catch the sun on the Bow River Valley. As it turns out, that may not be possible.  About which in the next blog.


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