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Patras: A town on the edge

Patras, more or less the same population as Cardiff, is one of the major transport interchanges in Greece and is necessary as a stop-over but I would not choose to come to here for a holiday.  Sunday, the day I … Continue reading

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Ioannina to Igoumenitsa to Parga: from grey skies to sunshine

I had originally thought to spend 2 or 3 days in Ioannina but changed my mind.  Partly that was a practicality: the hotel I stayed in only had a vacancy for one night.  Not that Ionanina isn’t a pleasant enough … Continue reading

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Meteora: more monasteries, more rocks, more perspectives

The weather forecasts for Meteora on Tuesday had all agreed that it would be grey and wet.  Local opinion also agreed.  As if to thumb the nose at the experts, it wasn’t.  It started off bright and then clouded over … Continue reading

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The tyranny of buying presents … but things are brightening up

Let’s be brutally honest.  Buying presents isn’t a chore, it’s a nightmare, a tyranny which has us enslaved.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t want to give presents, I actually enjoy giving things which people will enjoy … Continue reading

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An Extra Day; a trip to Cardiff and The Big Leap Year Swindle

Wednesday 29 February and I decided to spend The Extra Day doing something different.  Shame to waste a freebie just doing ordinary stuff.  I arranged to meet up with friends in Cardiff and it turned out to be a great … Continue reading

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Christmas: marketing, hints of hysteria …. and the odd bit of TV

In bleak economic times it is hardly surprising that most national retailers have been offering significant discounts in the run-up to Christmas.  Pre-Christmas sales account for a disproportionately large part of annual turnover for many businesses.  Marks & Spencer’s plea … Continue reading

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A bad time of year: dogged by failure

It has been suggested that in the last blog-post I misinterpreted the instruction on the trains completely.  Instead of requiring customers to place litter in the bins they are instead required to dispose of the litter which is already in … Continue reading

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English as she is ambiguated: please read carefully

Those who travel regularly on Arriva Trains Wales from South Wales to the North, Manchester or Holyhead, will be familiar with the following request, really an instruction because of the moral overtones of failing to comply: “Would all customers please … Continue reading

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Looking beyond Christmas: dealing with boredom

It’s generally a pretty drab time of year.  Autumn has given way to Winter.  Grey skies.  Short days and long evenings.  Cold and damp.  Difficult to get on the soil to do much in the garden.  Mountains often lost in … Continue reading

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Coping with Christmas: a season of neon lights and frustration

Christmas is not my favourite time of year, particularly now I have to deal with the whole card and presents stuff on my own.  But I try.  Admittedly I defer doing things as long as I can but then I … Continue reading

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