Symi: Spring and early Summer landscapes

I think that is the longest gap between blog posts on Barry’s Ramblings.  Force of a range of circumstances.  I had to return home to sort out some of the issues still unresolved when I flew back to Symi in May.  Then technical issues with the IT kit bought After The Fire which could only cope with temperatures up to 35 degrees and unable to withstand the heatwave raising temperatures in the Greek Islands to the mid-40s.  But hopefully sorted now.  More about Survival Trekking on the Hot Rock soon, but first the Spring Landscapes as promised.

Looking across the bay at Pedi in Spring there is no sign of the gin palaces and sailing boats which flock (or whatever boats do) here in summer and provide entertainment for landlubbers who watch them failing to grasp that the water is very deep and anchors fail to hold.  Just a calm, tranquil bay.


A couple of local boats waiting for the start of the season when they will ferry visitors to Agios Nikolaos beach.  That’s Turkey beyond the end of the jetty and the bay.

Nor is there any sign of the deserted village high above the empty bay.  That’s hidden behind the crag in the centre.


No sign of the deserted village on the mountain, just rocky crags


…. but get up the mountain and the extent of the deserted village is clear, with signs that at least one house and enclosure is being renovated.


….. and to the right more enclosures … and The Pond

It was very pleasing to see that the pond at Gria now had water in it again.  In October before I flew home last year I saw it completely dry for the first time in 16 years. I don’t know about before that. There seemed to be less wildlife than usual but that may be down the parched habitat failing to support the next generation of particular species.  Other ponds on the island are also back to normal levels.


The pond at the deserted village of Gria is remarkable because it is usually completely surrounded by barren rock and parched soil


Elsewhere ponds are surrounded by Spring growth.

Another great walk is up to the top of the ridge on the south side of Pedi Bay.  The path is strenuous, zigzagging over rocks and between trees, and can be difficult to find. So I and others put markers at key points, trying to make it clear that it is a marker and not just a heap of stones. Amazingly even on the very top of the ridge there are indications of ancient habitation when things were very basic.


I prefer to use markers with a stone standing on edge – that makes it clear that it hasn’t happened by accident and is easy to spot.


Right on the ridge-top, a still well-formed threshing circle.  Nothing to thresh now!


Having passed this way many times I hadn’t previously spotted this water hole, collecting rainwater run-off and presumably with a short lifespan unlike the pond hundreds of feet below at Gria.


A drop down to Pedi for a swim and then gentle amble back up the valley footpath with rapidly ripened cereal in tiny fields hand-reaped ready for collection.  After the Alpha-male cockerel has had his fill.

Another great walk is to Nimborio and up to the ridge on the East side of the bay.  A very clear if strenuous path leads up to the ridge-top Agios Nikolaos Stenou monastery.  It’s not shown on the ΣΚΑÏ map which purports to be the result of thorough exploration of the island on foot.  My guess is that the ‘cartographers’ were on a jolly, based the map on satellite imagery and filled in other bits in the taverna with locals over a few beers.  It’s a great walk with views across to Turkey (be careful you don’t get hooked in to roaming charges on your mobile phone, Turkey is outside the EU) and the benefit of a swim on a deserted beach when you drop back down to the bay.


Looking across the Nimborio Bay from the cool of the Agios Giorgos Drakounda monastery in its West side, another monastery nestled at the top


Reaching the monastery after a long, hot pull


…. and then a peaceful swim back down at base.

Great stuff!!!

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2 Responses to Symi: Spring and early Summer landscapes

  1. justbekos says:

    informative and enticing as usual

    • BarryH says:

      Thanks very much for your positive feedback. I try to be informative and modestly entertaining. Encouraging to know I sometimes succeed

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