Symi: it’s good to be back

I didn’t manage to get the issues sorted out which prevented me coming back to Symi in April as planned but I bit the bullet, cut the Gordion knot, took the bull by the horns, and came back on 3 May anyway.

First day back I went for a short walk armed with my new camera, a replacement for the one lost in the hotel fire, so this is a very short blog with a few images of early May on Symi.


Looking down to Yialos from The Viewpoint


Just before reaching the ridge, another great view down the valley to the harbour


On the final leg back to Yialos, Nimborio Bay always seems especially blue and inviting


This is the time of year when tortoises are most in evidence in the mountains, rustling through the vegetation as it starts to crisp up


Butterflies take advantage as the oregano comes into flower


… opening their wings if the wind isn’t too strong


In places a few dog roses are still in flower



At this height there are not many daisies but a few are still in flower, these known by many names including ‘edible chrysanthemum’


… while convolvulus creeps everywhere


A few eye-catching splashes of colour as poppies survive though most are now looking a little worse for wear


Probably the most dramatic are the great spathes of the Dragon Arum.  Shame they smell like rotting flesh.


But they manage to look very statuesque


Thistles, better able to withstand the blistering heat of summer, are starting to come into flower


Snails gather in high rise tenement blocks before they disappear in the summer heat.


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1 Response to Symi: it’s good to be back

  1. Catarina Hägermyr says:

    Thanks for the pics – wonderful to get a glimpse of Symi in spring!😊👌

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