Never forgotten.  Always missed

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4 Responses to Remembered

  1. Sean says:

    Hi Barry. Very nice. I am travelling t Nysiros soon. I always enjoy your travelogues/blogs. You live an interesting life. Kind regards. SEAN Staffs UK.

  2. Helle Christoffersen says:

    Hello Barry. What a beautiful way to remember. Thank you so much for e-mail. Have fun…..take care. Aksel and Helle.

  3. 165bryn says:

    Hi Barry weather here atrocious Two days thick mist. You can see for miles out there in Greece.. and we only see 200 yds. The roses are beautiful as usual Enfys would be pleased. When Gloria had Beverley— I went for 24 Roses– They had run out and only had 18 I added 6 daffodils that brought huge laughs ‘Still do’. Carys is just a week from being ‘MUM’ Aron is biting his nails. They are busy with buying baby stuff cots and prams etc, AND, astonished at the cost of everything. They have a huge dog A Pressio Canerio? a very energetic dog, which is an escape artist; They have spent hundreds £’s on fencing to keep him in, and pounds on shoes etc. I have sneaky feeling his days are numbered.. BUT THEY do love him…competion time with baby or dog perhaps? watch this space. Pad is busy now knitting like all Granma’s do, I’ve been down there painting and wall papering At least Aron keeps the cricket size lawn tidy.

    Gordon preached on Isiah 40v6 ‘A TIMELESS MESSAGE’. ‘All flesh is as grass’– shows the frailty of man ( we humans) I was offered anti ageing cream in Boots. after reading Ecclesiastes11.1–12 how true I thought.– The loveliest flowers vanish away– ‘frail as summer flowers etc’ BUT GODS WORD is fixed forever. Jesus said ‘Come to me’ As ever me and pad trust you to his care AND she says tell him I got a chutney for him. come home sometime safe. Psalm 40 v1.

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