November Daily Blog 30: looking back on the month

When I started the November Daily Blog as part of the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) challenge I had the intention of using it as an incentive to do something different and interesting every day.

That ambition took a knock when I damaged the ligament in my knee which proved to be annoyingly reluctant to respond to treatment.  Therefore, though I have managed a few interesting ‘wild walks’, most notably in ‘Waterfall Country’ in the Brecon Beacons National Park, most of my rambling through the month has been of the reflective kind.  Despite that I managed to post each day, often in the few minutes before midnight or just before going out to meet friends for a pint.

Has it been worth doing?  Well, yes, in that it forced me to look for things of interest from a more sedentary lifestyle, one to which I am not accustomed but which may one day become more necessary as the ageing process progresses.  Hopefully that’s a long way off.  It hasn’t hit my uncle yet and he’s in his 90th year.

Time constraints have made it difficult to come up with ideas for the blog some days, though I have to admit that I do perform better under the pressure of deadlines. Nevertheless, I will return to posting blogs every few days now rather than daily and hopefully, as there are signs of my knee improving, I’ll be able to get back out on a few more wild walks.  And I head for the Canadian Rockies in January for a month.

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