November Daily Blog 20: knees, frustrations, running to stand still

Some days don’t go as planned.  Some days don’t bear any resemblance to what was planned.  Some days seem to just go haywire, full of activity but with no forward momentum.  Running fast to stay in the same place.  Tuesday was one such day.

It got off to a slow start because I was awake until after 03.00 trying to get things done on the internet with the connexion dropping out at random and very disruptively. I got up only half an hour later than usual but was very sluggish.

I had resolved that I had to seriously address the problem of my damaged knee, not only avoiding exercise which would worsen the problem but taking positive steps to speed the healing process.  I dislike admitting it but beyond the age of 35 the body’s healing process gets progressively slower …. and I’m well beyond 35.  I’m now resolutely doing exercises to strengthen the muscles which hold the knee stable and, following the discussion with my physio friend from church, I’m also determined to ice it at least 3 times a day.  He also kindly loaned me an ultrasound machine so I can use that 3 times day as well which should accelerate the healing process.

Icing and ultrasound treatment satisfyingly completed in parallel with breakfast I then found that the internet connexion had dropped out big-time.  I walked out on it, assuming that it was a network fault which the internet provider would get round to resolving, and went to the shops to buy ingredients for lasagne for when the family come for a meal on Wednesday. (I make a mean lasagne)

The retail therapy failed.  The internet problem was still there when I arrived back burdened down with minced beef, strong cheese and milk and a whole load of impulse buys of ‘special offers’.

A phone call to the IP set in motion a chain reaction which took up most of the rest of the day.  A 30 minute call to check my security details established that the basics were all in place beginning with confirmation that the modem was plugged in and the fuse didn’t need changing.  Then line tests and a series of txt messages to my mobile over an hour or more to confirm that there was no fault. I begged to disagree.

The final txt message came just as I was at a crucial stage in making the lasagne, instructing me to phone from my mobile, not my landline, to the help desk on a different number.  That call lasted over an hour and had me grovelling under the desk to unplug ethernet cables, re-plug said cables, go on-line with a wired connexion to reconfigure the modem …. and then the credit ran out on my pay-as-you-go mobile.

In despair I went back to the lasagne and couldn’t remember whether I had added the oregano or just taken the bottle out of the cupboard.

The trauma reached a peak when at 16.30 the landline and the mobile rang simultaneously.  The mobile call was a recorded message from the provider offering me ways to add more credit to the account.  The landline call was from an old college friend confirming arrangements to go out for a meal in the evening. Aaaaagh!

Eventually, a call-back, few final tweaks and the lady in the call centre  wished me a pleasant evening and the ordeal was over.

At the end of a day of frustration and frenetic activity I was back at square one.  The internet connexion now seems to be working consistently.  Given that I regard a computer and the internet as tools, like pen and paper, not ends in themselves, I seem to have expended a lot of mental energy getting back to my starting point.  Which is good. No forward progress but I haven’t gone backwards.

Over the meal in the evening my friend opined about his problems with getting a repair to water damage to his house, I wearily recounted my internet problems, but we shared a common relief at finally having reaching a satisfactory outcome.

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