Symi: Perspectives

Saturday morning and we walked down to the harbour from the Horio to do bits of shopping but most importantly to buy the ferry tickets for the crossing to Rhodes from where we fly home on Wednesday next.

Last year’s trauma on Kalymnos when I couldn’t get a ticket in the Central Ticket Office for the trip to Symi because the ferry  was full left a lasting impression.  As a planner by nature as well as former profession I like to make sure that plans can be implemented once they are formulated.  Ferries between the major destinations in the Dodecanese islands have become very crowded since the number of operating companies has reduced so to avoid problems I have tended to book ahead as much as possible.  Hence the visit to the harbour early on Saturday.

Not being able to  move on from one island to another is no real problem but not being able to get back to the airport for the flight home is another matter.

Ambling down the Kali Strata steps I was musing that my 6 weeks over here is now nearly at an end that set me thinking about what I would like to do in the last few days.   But then it struck me that my daughter and her husband and our friends would have a completely different perspective because they are not yet half through their stay over here. The main part of their holiday is still ahead.  So need to plan for that.

But that’s not the only different perspective.  They are getting used to the heat and avoiding sunburn as it’s still hot over here compared with the UK and the cloudless skies have returned after a day of passing clouds.  I’m enjoying the fact that it’s cooling off a little compared with what it was like earlier in the summer.  They are getting used to walking longer distances while I’m winding down the walking.

A reminder to always try and look at things from other peoples’ perspectives.

Blue sky, blue sea, intense colour: it’s still summer on Symi

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