Symi: acclimatisation on the Hot Rock

Symi: acclimatisation

It seems that Autumn has well and truly arrived in the UK with temperatures in single figures.  Flying out to the Dodecanese where in the afternoon it is still 30oC is very pleasant but a bit of a shock to the system.  I found that even though I had been walking in the mountains for 2 months earlier in the summer, including 4 weeks in the south of the Peloponnese, when I arrived back here at the end of August I had to re-acclimatise.

With my daughter and husband and some friends fresh out from the UK onto the Hot Rock into what must have seemed like mid-summer heat under cloudless sky it made sense to ease into the walking gently.  So a very pleasant amble along the coast road round to Nimborio in the next bay and then a climb up the monastery of Agios Nikolaos Stenou on the top of the easternmost ridge of the island looking across to Turkey.

Like many monasteries it’s a very relaxing place with a huge shade tree in the courtyard We sat for a while on the wall in the shade and a gentle cooling breeze before dropping back down to the beach at Nimborio and  a very refreshing swim.  ‘Nimborio’ is a variation on ‘Emborio’ meaning ‘place of trade’ and though it is a very now there are indications of a richer past with old churches and monasteries, a Roman mosaic floor and underground catacombs.

We stopped off at the beach-side taverna there and had a Greek salad before taking the short route back to the harbour over the shoulder of the hill. Again we sat under the shade-tree in the courtyard of the large church on the hill to cool off after the hot climb up the very well paved kalderimi.  Being out in the sun all day at this time of year isn’t such a problem if you have been in Greece through most of the summer but regular shady rests are sensible for those coming straight from the cold and wet of Grey Britain.

Agios Nikolaos Stenou on the rocky ridge top

Flat calm sea at Nimborio

Bougainvillea and sea

Shady courtyard overlooking Nimborio Bay

One of the other visitors to the courtyard

Harbour side



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3 Responses to Symi: acclimatisation on the Hot Rock

  1. Barry,

    Any chance to get a full resolution copy of your photograph of ‘bougainvillea and sea’? My daughter loves it and would like to use it for her wedding invitation.

    Thanks for considering this request,
    Richard Bookman
    Coral Gables, FL USA

  2. Aime says:

    Good evening Barry,

    I’m about to launch a DIY/home decorating/garden blog called “Oceans of Blues and Blooms” and would love to use your beautiful photo, “Bougainvillea and the Sea,” on the landing page. It’s a perfect representation for the inspiration behind my color scheme. Do you share your photos?

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

    All the best,


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