Images of Autumn and Pontypool

Autumn colour isn’t only to be found in New England and Westonbirt and other UK arboreta.  Admittedly, a visit to the Westonbirt Acer Glade to catch the changing leaf colour at the right time and with the sun shining is very impressive.  I always get a bad attack of Repetitive Photo Syndrome when I visit.  The collection of 125 species of exotic maples collected there are very dramatic and the planting layout shows them off to best effect.

However, Autumn also happens in other places in the UK and, though somewhat more muted than at Westonbirt, the colours of native trees can be pretty impressive.  Walking through Pontypool Park and up onto the mountain ridge in the sunshine between the showers in last few days has been very colourful and heart-lifting in between the greyness.

So, having had my SLR camera lens repaired I took a few photos.  One big advantage is that you don’t have to wait for the crowds to part before you can frame your shot.  And it’s all free!!!

CLICK on any of the images for a larger view

Town Hall and sequoia at the entrance to the Park

Just one of the colourful vistas in Pontypool Park

Exotic clock tower in the Park

Colour at the bowling green

Not all the maples are 'Autumn' coloured

Though usually associated with Christmas the holly berries are particularly colourful in Autumn

Though usually associated with Christmas, holly is particularly colourful in the Autumn

Approaching the Folly Tower

The yellow of gorse in flower, red hawthorn berries and Autumn leaves all add their colour at the same time.

Beech trees, very widespread in this part of the world, are impressive in Autumn

In places they form avenues marking old trackways down the flank of the ridge

The views from the ridge are pretty good too, here with the Skirrid in the background

Looking East across the Vale of Usk to the Wye Valley and in the far distance the Malverns

Looking North towards Blaenavon

Looking West to the last vestiges of the South Wales Coalfield, once of world-wide importance

.... and standing tall at the end of a good Autumn afternoon

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  1. fleck1welsh says:

    A beautiful testimony to the praise of the Lord its creator!

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